We successfully perform subsequent more and more technically advanced projects. Thanks to international cooperation with the shipyards and shipowners, our products are innovative and they fit to Clients needs.
CRIST S.A. order portfolio for coming years is the security for dynamic growth of the company and reflects the changes in the market.








From the very beginning of our activity we are active in classic shipbuilding. Our offer contains in this respect among others construction of ships for servicing of fish farms, container vessels and tugs including currently available production processes. 

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  Production for the needs of offshore market is our domain since 2010 and it pertains above 50% of total incomes of the company. Since that time CRIST succeeded in a spectacular way by delivery for operation of  such vessels as HLJV „Innovation” and  HMV „VIDAR”. New challenges are before us … >> more   We are open for construction of various types of hydrotechnical constructions and our experience in this field contains among others construction of three water gates installed on Rhine river in Bremerhaven. >> more