CRIST has signed an agreement with CKZiU No. 1 in Gdynia

CRIST shipyard and the CKZiU No. 1 in Gdynia has signed a cooperation agreement. The contract concerns the company's patronage of first-class students starting school on September 1, 2019 and training in ship and electrician hulls.

- This agreement formalizes the activities that we have conducted together so far. Practical classes will be implemented at CRIST. We are satisfied because they have always been at a very high level. Students even compete with each other to have practical classes in CRIST. For the best CRIST will fund scholarships - says Irena Szafranek, director of CKZiU No. 1 in Gdynia.

The director assured that the school will make every effort to ensure that cooperation with CRIST is positive and effective. She pointed out that the signed agreement on the patron class at the first level professional school does not exclude further activities carried out jointly with the Gdynia shipyard at the technical school level.

Ewa Detlaff, the practical training manager at CKZiU No. 1 in Gdynia, informed that practical classes within the framework of the CRIST undergraduate students will be carried out from the second year of study at this school.

- In the second class practical classes take place once a week, while in the third class they are already two days - explains Ewa Detlaff, practical training manager at CKZiU No. 1 in Gdynia.

The CRIST shipyard has been actively supporting young people for several years. Karolina Parkitna, the organizational and administrative boss at the CRIST shipyard, ensured that after completing the class under the patronage of CRIST, the best students will be able to count on employment in the shipyard.

- Youth is sometimes afraid of industry schools due to the negative context of social perception of vocational schools. However, young people are increasingly noticing that being a professional is in the price. Such people are able to earn very well and cope in the labor market. We need a new team, and the class under the patronage of CRIST is definitely the area to obtain it. This class is supposed to function with such a thought - that the patrons will be with us to be part of the CRIST team - says Karolina Parkitna, the organizational and administrative boss at the CRIST shipyard.

CRIST is currently one of the largest Polish shipyards. During its twenty-nine years of activity, it has achieved the position of one of the leading manufacturers of specialized vessels for the world's largest customers. The shipyard concentrates its development around the construction of specialized ships and structures for the maritime industry.