CRIST with SOiO CONRADINUMS together for the benefit of shipbuilding industry

A cooperation agreement was signed on Friday in Gdańsk. Its goals are to create a class under the patronage of the Gdynia shipyard and exchange experiences in the field of vessels construction.

- Thanks to this agreement, our students will be able to carry out internships at the shipyard, which is very important in shaping a professional career and building the status of a potential employee. Practical knowledge must be reworked, you have to be in the plant, see the actual working conditions, and touch the tools. The company has health and safety rules and regulations that must be observed and fulfill its obligations. The sooner the student will feel what this work is all about, the better he will manage in the future - says Andrzej Butowski, director of the CONRADINUM Ship and General Education Schools in Gdańsk.

The CRIST shipyard has been actively supporting young people for several years. By virtue of the agreement just signed, they plan internships and study visits.

- We are open to young people, we see potential in them. We assume that, on the one hand, we have to cooperate with industry schools, and on the other, we need to get used to the youth as a shipbuilding market, because many people are unaware or have concerns. Practices, internships, and work at the shipyard on real projects seem to be a good solution for a young man or women, so that he/she can define his way of life and determine whether it is the direction in which he/she is heading - says Karolina Parkitna, Head of the Administration Department, CRIST shipyard.

The Director of SOiO CONRADINUM emphasized that cooperation in practice begins with the next recruitment.

- We want CRISTto be present at the first meeting with parents to inform parents and students about the patron class, education and employment offer - said Butowski.

Parkitna added that dialogue, active participation in school life and education tailored to the needs of employers are the most important. She ensured that the best students would be guaranteed employment.

- Internships and apprenticeships give the opportunity to observe young people, check how they find themselves on a given labor market. We hope that we will acquire new staff, new ideas - young employees are always a challenge for the company - said Parkitna.