NB 70 - steel cutting

Crist S.A. started the production of a passenger-car ferry for an Icelandic shipowner - today the first steel cuting was made. The unit is expected to handle demanding courses between the islands of the Icelandic Westman archipelago.


Ferry, shipbuilding number of construction NB70, will serve the route between Landeyjahöfn and Vestmannaeyjar - islands lying in the Westman archipelago, located nine kilometers from the south of the Iceland. Vestmannaeyjar is known as a charming, volcanic place of excursions and for the famous photo of the lonely house located near the cliff.

The journey time on this route will be just about 20 minutes. This will be possible thanks to the parameters and unique equipment of the unit, providing high maneuverability and efficient drivetrain. The ship will be equipped with a hybrid drive system.

Proper construction will allow NB 70 to operate in very difficult sea conditions - southern Icelandic waters are dominated by long ocean waves and short waves caused by local winds. Low temperatures and heavy rains, common in the winter, are not a challenge for the ferry produced in the Crist shipyard.


Basic unit data:

Scheduled completion date: June 2018
Length: 69.38 m
Width: 15,10 m
Maximum capacity: 540 passengers + 10 crew