Steel Cut Ceremony NB 311

The NB 311 ferry will come into operation in summer 2019 and replace the Bohus with a fleet of up to 1165 passengers and 240 vehicles on the route Sandefjord-Strömstad (Norway-Sweden).

A unit 160 meters long and over 27 meters wide and will take on 2 thousand passengers and 500 vehicles. Travel time on the unit route will be only 2 hours 20 minutes. This will be possible thanks to the parameters and equipment of the ferry, which ensures high maneuverability and a powerful powertrain. The vessel is equipped with a hybrid main propulsion system.

The charging process of the unit's battery will be carried out at each port at the port by means of a power cable from the special Color Line or on board the ship.

The ship will be partly equiped in the CRIST yard, the last finishing work will be carried out in the Norwegian shipyard Ulstein. The final shipowner is Color Line, one of the largest ferry operators in Norway. In addition to the transport of people and goods, the company offers hotel services, shopping, restaurants and entertainment services. The company currently employs 3,500 people in four countries.

Basic Unit Data:

Length: 160 m

Width: 27.10 m

Maximum capacity: 2000 passengers and 500 vehicles