Steel cutting into multi-purpose pontoon MPP

On October 26, 2021, in accordance with the design schedule, the official cutting of steel for the construction of a fully equipped, multi-functional pontoon [MPP], together with a submersible charging tool [SDT], which will be used to build an underwater tunnel constituting a permanent connection between the ports of the Fehmarnbelt, began Puttgarden in Germany and Rødbyhavn on Lolland in Denmark.

The unit will have a hull length of 130.2m and an overall length of up to 149m including conveyor belts. The overall width will be 48m. The pontoon will accommodate up to 19 people who will work in two shifts. The unit will have two gravel bunkers, each carrying up to 7.000 tons of gravel.

 This is another large infrastructure project won by CRIST after the Zourite offshore viaduct construction unit or the Marco Polo specialized dock used to increase the area of the Principality of Monaco. Those are multi-billion euro projects and CRIST participation is yet again strong proof of its technical possibilities, preparation for the project, and above all - reliability of the company.