The GospodarkaMorska’s Lighthouse for CRIST

Special Award of the GospodarkaMorska’s Lighthouse in the Maritime Technology Leader category for CRIST S.A.! "We want to show that the maritime technology industry in Poland exists and is strong, and at the same time to indicate those who are leaders and who are able to drive orders for others," said Jerzy Czuczman, president of the Polish Maritime Technology Forum.

The CRIST shipyard, as the only one in the Baltic Sea region, built a series of jack-up self-elevating vessels used for the construction of offshore wind farms. THOR, INNOVATION and VIDAR are known all over the world. This aspect was particularly appreciated by jury of the GospodarkaMorska’s Lighthouse award.

"This is an important moment for the and the Polish Maritime Technology Forum. The joint award of the Lighthouse in the Maritime Technology Leader category went to the CRIST shipyard. It is also a kind of distinction for us, because we had the opportunity to award one of the largest companies on the Tri-city market, with enormous achievements. Moreover, the Crist Shipyard is an employer and principal for several thousand people. The award was presented at an important moment. Nowadays, everyone hopes that Polish companies will participate in the implementation of offshore energy market. CRIST Shipyard was awarded for the implementation of offshore projects and we hope that it will build vessels to operate wind farms in Polish waters of the Baltic Sea "- said Mateusz Kowalewski, president of the management board at

The award ceremony was accompanied by a discussion by members of the Polish Maritime Technology Forum. As Jerzy Czuczman explained: "In accordance with the assumptions of the European Union, the Old Continent is to become completely zero-emission by 2050. Offshore energy is a zero-emission source that can fill the generation gap in the Polish power system. This is obviously a huge challenge, but at the same time - a great opportunity for us. It is worth recalling that the Crist shipyard is the only one in Europe that can successfully build wind farms. "

CRIST is a leading shipyard on the European market. Shipbuilding and maritime constructions are their specialty. They are one of the leaders in the offshore sector, successfully performing more and more advanced projects. They have delivered such vessels as the Heavy Maintenance Vessel "VIDAR", the Heavy Lift Jack - Up Vessel "INNOVATION" and the Jack-up Barge "THOR". For more than 3 decades they unite innovativeness with experience.

The offshore projects are, of course, an opportunity for the Polish shipbuilding industry, but quick actions and decisive decisions of the government are needed. As Jadwiga Sztelwander-Zięba, general manager at Deltamarin in Gdańsk, explains: "We all know that wind farms in the Baltic Sea will be built. There is time and there is management companies for this. However, there are no regulations that would allow Polish companies to be sure that they will be taken into account in the production and delivery processes."

"The Polish government has been talking about the development of the shipbuilding industry in our country for years. From my perspective, this is the only moment when it can happen" - sums up Ireneusz Ćwirko, CEO of the CRIST shipyard.