CRIST - information on COVID -19

Dear Colleagues, Dear Sir or Madame,


First of all we would like to thank all our Employees/Co-workers/Partners for understanding the current difficult situation in connection with the spread of coronavirus throughout the world, and for your good cooperation in order to maintain:


  1. Safety of our employees / co-workers / partners
  1. Implementation of contracted tasks


In this new situation we all shall cooperate effectively, exchange information and share the experience with each other. Discipline, excellent cooperation and knowledge sharing are key factors to jointly conquer the current difficulties, to carry out plans and to look to the future optimistically.              


Safety goes first. Due to the spread of coronavirus pandemic we would like to assure You that we are working on a solutions, which aim at safety and health protection of our Employees and their families.


We look at the situation from the perspective of the whole CRIST Group. We discuss medical condition of our employees / co-workers / partners, regulations of the local authorities and current operational activities in order to ensure business continuity.


Good news from China! We are pleased that the situation in China stabilizes. Since the beginning of March the majority of factories in China restarted to function properly.


Business vs coronavirus. We do everything we can to minimize the influence of the current situation on CRIST Group business activity. We expect your further commitment, effective cooperation, responsible and proactive approach to recommendations and solutions already issued. All suggestion from You will be attentively listened to and analyzed.  


We request that you do not underestimate the seriousness of the threat, and at the same time act responsibly! Take care of yourselves and your love ones to preserve your health!


Best regards,  

CRIST Response Team