The usage of protective masks in CRIST shipyard

Since April 16th (Thursday) until further notice, the government made it mandatory to cover, with the use of parts of garments, respirators or masks, mouth and nose while being outside of the place of residence address or the permanent residence address. Having regard to the provisions of the regulation, with effect from April 16th until further notice, CRIST introduces:



  • to cover, using parts of garments, respirators or masks, mouth and nose while waiting to enter/exit the shipyard premises or while passing the shipyards’ gates;
  • to cover, using parts of garments, respirators or masks, mouth and nose if, due to technological reasons, there is no possibility to keep the 1,5 meter distance between the employees/co-workers;
  • priority must be given to the use of Personal Protective Equipment (i.e. welder – welding helmet, grinder – dust masks etc.) before the use of other protective equipment for persons performing works/services which require the use of such equipment pursuant to H&S rules.



  • to use protective masks distributed by CRIST S.A.;
  • to use protective glasses;


We kindly remind you:

  • of the obligation to keep 1,5 m distance between employees/co-workers (unless, due to technological reasons, it is not possible – in those cases the coverage of the mouth and nose and protective gloves shall be applied);
  • to avoid clusters of people;
  • of the necessity to reduce the meetings/briefings to a minimum;
  • of the necessity to maintain high hygienic-sanitary standards (i.a. frequent and precise hand washing, airing offices, proper removal of gloves and protective masks, disinfection of most often used items i.e. mobile phones, passes, keys, computer equipment, doorknobs, faucets etc.).


Moreover we recommend:

  • in case of use of reusable respirators the filters shall be exchanged regularly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In case of material masks without filter - after each day it shall be laundry washed in the minimum temperature of 60oC;
  • in case of use of disposable masks it shall be exchanged according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and/or when: it becomes wet, the breathing becomes obstructed, after end of each working shift;
  • to follow all current obligations/recommendations/orders issued by the government administration. In particular while travelling to/from work and travelling by public transport one must cover the mouth and nose. Use the coverage of mouth and nose in case of travelling by car with persons not living in one household;
  • applying disposable protective gloves in public space.


Best regards,  

CRIST Response Team