Corporate structure

Initially the activity of CRIST Shipyard was focused on construction and repair of ships, steel constructions, fishing vessels and hulls for ro-ro type vessels.




  • CRIST OFFSHORE Sp. z o.o. (100%)
  • FAST GRITBLASTING Sp. z o.o. (49%)
  • CRIST MAL Sp. z o.o. (20%)
  • CRIST KONTSTRUKCJE Sp. z o.o. (100%)
  • CRIST SHIPYARD Sp. z o.o. (100%)








The purchase of facilities of former Gdynia Shipyard in 2009 opened a new file in a history of CRIST. The company focused on offshore constructions, specialized coastal constructions and vessels for exploration of maritime resoures. The first contract for the vessel intended for installation of the sea wind farms („THOR”) was concluded yet in the same year.



Power of CRIST


More than 30-years experience enabled us to elaborate professionalism which we develop following the principle „the one who stands still is the one who moves back”. Our potential is represented first of all by highly educated engineering staff and technical competences on the highest level.  


We are also distinguished due to huge production facilities – among others dry dock of dimensions 379 m length, 70 m breadth and  8 m depth destined for final assembly of floating objects, as well as gantry crane – one of the biggest on Baltic Sea coast (1000 ton capacity and 153 m span). Our force is also our approach to the Client who is always the most important party for us. For that reason we endeavour not only to meet his expectations but we even aim to exceed them by offering always the most modern production processes and dedicated solutions.


European leader

CRIST is today the leader in the market of European shipyards and one of the main player on the market of maritime constructions, specializing in steel constructions and specialized vessels.

We cooperate with shipowners and shipyards all over the world.


  • above 300 completed projects
  • 1500 employees and engineers
  • specialized production lines
  • implementation of the most modern production processes
  • possibilities of steel fabrication up to 50 thousand tons per year