Training for hull and pipeline assemblers

CRIST S.A. is at the moment one of the fastest growing companies in the shipbuilding industry, which copes well with the uncertainty and risk posed by the broadly understood maritime economy. In recent years, the company successfully implements more and more technologically advanced projects, which is why it is placed on an equal footing with the best shipyards in Europe. CRIST is a combination of many years of experience, engineering skills and innovation - from production to the managerial staff.


Currently, we are looking for hull & pipeline assemblers trainees. We invite everyone interested in increasing their qualifications.


What we offer:

-   job training to the profession of hull assembler under supervision of our qualified employees,

-   attractive rate during and after the course,

-   possibility to join corporate life insurance,

-   good work environment and a helping hand.

Detailed information on organized courses below:,161,en.html,178,en.html