Steel cutting into ultramodern ship units has begun

On July 19, 2021, the official steel cutting into the vessel No. C371 began, which will initiate a long-term cooperation in the construction of 12 modern ships.

CRIST S.A. Shipyard is part of the MCMV program for the replacement of the Belgian and Dutch fleets. The goal of the program is to build intuitive ships to fight mines.

The tender for the construction of the ships was won by the French shipbuilding company Naval Group, which decided that the project would be carried out at the Kership shipyard, which is part of Piriou. A total of 12 ships will be built. We would like to remind you that in 2016-2018, the CRIST shipyard built two equipped vessels and blocks of a research and development ship for the French shipyard Piriou.

The task of the CRIST shipyard is the basic prefabrication of the ship's hull. There is cutting and bending of sheets, i.e. the first stage of work in the entire construction of the unit. Crist hopes that from the fifth ship he will build the hull as a whole.

“Participation in such a large international project is prestige and recognition for CRIST. We are happy with the trust that our contractors have placed in us ”.