Signature of the contract with Chantiers Piriou

Polar logistics ship will be used to transport cargo in containers between the French polar station Dumont d'Urville Station (located in Antarctica), and the Tasmanian port of Hobart. Transport will be held in the hold capacity of up to 1 200 tons of cargo. Given the purpose and functioning in the most difficult ice and weather conditions, the unit will have high ice class, which guarantees the reliability and effectiveness of the operation of the vessel in the area of ​​his swim. The construction of such units CRIST Shipyard requires the use of specialized welding materials, technology and require adapt to demanding procedures. The ship will also serve as a naval patrol craft for the purpose of surveillance of non-European waters of the French Republic and will replace the same currently used patrol L'Albatros and the icebreaker L'Astrolabe.

PLV will be powered by four engines, which power will be passed through two shaft lines. The ship will have the ability to support two helicopters.



  •          Total length          72 m
  •          Width                    16 m
  •          Hull                 1850 ton